All potential buyers/bidders (you the public) are required to register with Preferred Auto Brokers on this website.

***IMPORTANT TO NOTE: At this time, we are not permitted to bid on units in your home state(unless you are in Colorado), Florida or Alabama


Single Item Purchase: Limit one(1) complete transaction

  • Choose Single Item Purchase
  • Choose your minimum deposit based on your bidding limit ($600 or 10% of your maximum bid)
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Complete registration
    • Include Lot # & maximum bid in the “Notes” field
  • We will contact you once we’ve received your registration to let you know the status of your bid

Fee Summary if unit is won:

  • $275 PAB Salvage fee – if unit is won
  • Copart fees associated with price paid for car (Fee Schedule C)
    • Bid Fee: $29-$79
    • Gate Fee: $59
  • No fees if unit is outbid
  • CO in-state taxes – as applicable


  • $600.00 USD or 10% deposit required on each transaction.
  • All buyers will be charged a $275 buyer fee (per item) for bidding, title, and paperwork processing.
  • Registered buyers will be able to login to PAB as a member.
    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Copy of driver’s license, valid ID, or passport required.
    • Copy of sales tax license (if business).
  • Buyer is responsible for any and all late payment fees
    • Late payment fees = $50 USD/one time
    • Extended storage fees = $5 – $40/per day
  • Inspector Recommendation: Jimmy Cleary: 720-771-9754
  • We do not provide appraisal or transportation services

For more information please contact us:
303-783-2122 or